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Twinflower is a mat-forming creeping perennial herb of native pinewoods and plantations of Pinus sylvestris. The majority of populations in its core range are sustained through vegetative reproduction in isolated patches containing one or a few clones, within which there are no immediate prospects for future seed production. 

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Native: Scotland    Northernmost England


The flies and sweat bees are the pollinators of Twinflower. They usually pollinate this flower in the summer. 


​Twinflower has two pink bell-like flowers on a slender stem, and a thicker stem below which creeps along the ground, forming small mats of the plant. It is one of our smallest and most delicate native flowers. It grows mainly in the native, open, pine woods, particularly in the Cairngorms, and is an Arctic-Alpine plant that is a relic of the Ice Age. Twinflower is confined to Scotland. The clearance of native woodlands before the 1930s resulted in severe losses of this little flower. Continued habitat destruction and changes in woodland management have now reduced this plant to a handful of about 50 unrelated sites.


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