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The one-flowered wintergreen is a perennial wintergreen herb. Unlike other wintergreens, one-flowered wintergreen opens its petals as wide as they can go. After flowering the developing capsule becomes erect. Wintergreen seeds are, along with the Orchid (Orchidaceae) family’s, the smallest in the plant kingdom: a single seed weighs around two millionths of a gram, and they are so small that they can float on the gentlest of air currents.

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Native: Northern Scotland




​One-flowered wintergreen graces mossy, lush forests, swamps, springs and stream-sides here and there all across Finland. Unfortunately for the plant it shies away from forest owners’ preferred terrain, which means that stands can often disappear if the area is used to produce wood for sale. One-flowered wintergreen seems to be very sensitive to interference with its terrain, and it has declined during the time of intense forestry. When it is not flowering it is easy to miss the small plant, especially as not many plants tend to grow in the same place.

One-flowered Wintergreen

Wintergreen's fragrance attracts small flies and beetles to pollinate the plants. This sound comes from the vibrating wings of beetles during pollination

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